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About Wrongfully Accused Now

When people go through the experience of being charged with a criminal offence, it can, and does, have a huge impact on every aspect of that person's life. People experience everything from stress, trauma, and family breakdown to loss of employment and social isolation. This process can be life-changing, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With excellent case management advice from Wrongfully Accused Now, you can break the wheel of unfairness.

A Note from Our Founder

“I have experienced this first hand. I was charged with offences and then subsequently had to attend a Crown Court trial. I was not guilty of all offences but at the hands of the police, I suffered from an investigation that was geared up for me to be found guilty in court.

As a serving police officer facing the likelihood of prison if I was found guilty, I began my own investigation into the matters I had been charged with. I gathered my own evidence and was able to disprove all the charges. I was found 


There have been many cases recently which have shown how our criminal justice system is in crisis. This site has been launched due to my passion regarding people that have been, and are being, mistreated by the criminal justice system.”

I worked in the police for 23 years, leaving in January 2018. I have experience in all areas and gained the rank of sergeant. I have extensive knowledge in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, RIPA legislation, Disclosure, and file case building. I have experience in surveillance and I’m a qualified NVQ level 3 assessor.

“My aim is to help people who find themselves in this system and to offer my extensive experience to investigate allegations thoroughly leaving no stone unturned. It is vitally important that all aspects of an investigation are covered and evidence is obtained prior to any court appearance.”

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