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At Wrongfully Accused Now, we know that everyone lives in a world where statistics are the order of the day and the cold hard truth is you become another statistic in this system. The Police, Courts, and CPS are all pushed to achieve their set targets and are driven towards results and a conviction at all costs. With our pre- and post-charge advice, you’ll be able to defend yourself properly. Call us now to avoid becoming another number in the system

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With additional budget cuts, everyone is stretched to the limit and you are less likely to get the representation you need to be acquitted. Being falsely accused is something which should not be ignored. Working alongside a legal team, we support you and endeavour to present your case that will achieve the best possible outcome.


Effective pre-charge advice and representation makes a real difference. In practice, access to expert opinion and quality written representations can often lead to an informal disposal or a decision to take no action at all. If you have been arrested, are being investigated, or you are about to be investigated, then please contact us.


If you find yourself wrongly charged with a criminal offence, don't leave it up to the Police to impartially investigate the crime you have been accused of. Any solicitor will tell you they don't investigate crimes prior to any trial, as this is the role of the Police. This is where the problem starts. To gather all evidence that can help you prove your innocence, you cannot rely on the Police. You need an independent company that will leave no stone unturned to prove your innocence.

After Conviction

Many people stand convicted of offences they did not commit. These are what are known as miscarriages of justice. Our aim, if you find yourself a victim of a miscarriage of justice, is to review your case file, re-investigate your case, and revisit witnesses to cover areas which have either been missed or overlooked by the Police or CPS. This is done with a view to taking your case to the criminal case review commission.

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